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Excerpts from The Power of the Possible

The Power of the Possible: Table of Contents

Chapter One: What Can I Do to Get Him to Change?

Chapter Two: Hitting Bottom


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"Nothing changes until you do."
        - Lazaris


  • Why no change can happen without forgiveness happening first
  • Why in order to forgive ourselves we must first learn to accept ourselves
  • Why powerlessness can be the most powerful state
  • Why nothing changes until we change.
  • Why rescuers get slaughtered every time.
  • Why powerlessness can be the most powerful state.
  • Why we should give 100% and take 0.
  • Why soul mates are made and not met.
  • What to do when in the midst of a fight.
  • The 3 fears that come with any relationships and how to handle them.
  • What should always come first in any relationship or marriage
  • Learn how to make love work.


The Mom's Choice Awards 2009
2009 Silver Recipient: Relationships & Marriage
2009 Silver Recipient: Inspirational/Motivational category


Reader Views Literary Awards 2009
Honorable Mention in the Spirituality/Inspiration category


2009 Indie Excellence Awards
Winner in the New Age Non-Fiction category


ForeWord Magazine Books of the Year 2008
Bronze in the Family and Relationships category
Bronze in the Self-Help category


New York City Book Festival Awards 2008
Honorable Mention in General Non-Fiction


The National Best Books 2008 Awards
Finalist in Audio Book: Self-Help/Motivational
Finalist in Self Help: General



The Power of the Possible - a Book of Hope and Inspiration follows an ancient tradition of story telling as a way to heal the pain of one's heart.


This book is for every man and woman who have tried and failed in creating a fulfilling relationship, yet won't give up on the possibility of happiness. It is also for the people living in difficult marriages teeter-tottering forever between leaving or staying and for every human being unable to forgive and seeking forgiveness.


Hypnotic in their impact, these true stories will challenge your thinking, bring tears to your eyes and astonish you with their amazing, unexpected endings. And they will change you in profound ways - as you recognize that each story - is a story about you.


A woman married to an alcoholic who will not stop drinking … a mother facing an impossible choice…a woman dying of cancer, seeking to forgive her cheating husband ... a son who opens his heart to forgiveness … a woman, stuck in a destructive relationship, seeing no way out… Ordinary people in extreme circumstances, having reached the limit of their pain.


"We don't need to hit rock bottom to finally accept the truth. But most of us do. We fight the facts until the very last minute. Till the voice in our head says: Enough,” writes the author. With astounding clarity Auriela McCarthy cuts to the core of every issue breaking apart many of the beliefs we hold as true and turning our experience of life and relationships on its head.


 Through numerous personal stories of healing and change we see how - once we fully accept our circumstances, no matter how unacceptable and painful, and let go of the need for the offender to be different, amazingly, inexplicably he or she changes as well. The instant we've let go of our need to change them, that very instant they know it. They could be miles away or next door, still they know it. Suddenly - and for the first time - the wall of resistance they've been bouncing against is removed. We've let go of the tug-of-war, put down our end of the rope, and stepped off the game board. The choice is theirs now.  They are on their own.  Very often they change without us lifting a finger. Often the change is so dramatic we come home to a different person.  And even if their choice is to remain the same, we are free. Free to act from the place we've never been before. Free to go or free to stay, this time choosing consciously.


You can stop being right and start being happy, is the message of the book. The Power of the Possible offers the reader a map of how to get out of the maze of doubt and uncertainty and gives them practical tools they can use every day.


Drawing from profound understanding of human psyche, Auriela McCarthy reveals to us the obvious yet hidden in plain sight secret: nothing changes till we do. "So much in this book is not in its words, but between the words, behind the words, in what's left unsaid. You will be reading this book on many levels: first, for the story itself, second, for the thoughts and ideas woven into each story, and third – for the energy that has imbued the words and that has brought you to this book in the first place...”