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New York Book Festival Award logoThe Power of the Possible is a recipient of An Honorable Mention at the June 2008 New York City Book Festival Awards.

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One of the reasons you are here is to discover the Power of the Possible. This adventure may take you places you haven't been to before.

How much love, how much healing, how much magic will you allow?

Will you allow The Power of the Possible to bring you unimaginable out-comes and unexpected, miraculous changes?

Will you join me in this adventure as we let go of our need to be right and to prove our point and embrace the freedom that lies on the other side?


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A Reader's Testimonial: "I want this book at my fingertips to read over and over, allowing it to open wherever it pleases. Some pages are dog eared and there are crumbs in the creases. Every time I read it I am lifted, my heart opens and there is more space for love. The Power of the Possible has made it clear what really matters in my relationships.
Alicia Forester, Mill Valley, Ca.

The Power of the Possible
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The Mom's Choice Awards 2009

2009 Silver Recipient: Relationships & Marriage.
2009 Silver Recipient: Inspirational/Motivational category.

A School of
Hope and Inspiration

All our lives we have been asking the same question
about the ones we love...

What can I DO to get them to CHANGE?

Not realizing that the problem was not
with the person... but with THE QUESTION.

All our lives we have been trying to get someone else to change - "for their own good" - and failing.

Not realizing that by insisting that they change we were actually PREVENTING them from changing.

And all our lives the secret to their inexplicable resistance has been hidden in front of our eyes in plain sight:



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Yes, Auriela
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Yes, Auriela
I want to receive your gift of
2 meditation audios

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The Power of the Possible Honoriable Mention

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds. Forgiveness Will.
Explore the controversy of
forgiveness and its power to transform and to heal
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A response from a reader: "This book will stop you in your tracks and make you rethink everything you believed about relationships. A thought provoking work that will stir your soul and take you to new heights of love, joy and intimacy. This book paves the way to new possibilities with wisdom, compassion and truth."
~ Steve Harrison, publisher